Cenas Empresariales 2019

Event Description:

Cenas Empresariales is back! After almost three years, Puerto Rico’s foremost young entrepreneurs conference is back on track on March 22-23 with a larger and broader event in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Cenas Empresariales or Entrepreneurial Dinners in English is a networking game-changing forum of visionary entrepreneurs that bridges Puerto Rico's new generation of doers and the world's most influential change-makers under 30. Join us and benefit from an unforgettable line of panels and keynotes with 20+ local and international speakers ranging from social activists, influencers and seven-figure entrepreneurs covering topics such as Airbnb, Cannabis, the food industry in Puerto Rico, Digital Marketing, Personal Development, fundraising, ecommerce and many more.

Be one of the game changing visionaries that will innovate and catalyze alongside the next generation of Puerto Rican entrepreneurs.
Get Ready to connect and collaborate with visionary-minded individuals ready to make a change in the island’s ecosystem!
Caption: Bobby Stocks is an accomplished entrepreneur with vast advertising, marketing, and business growth skills.

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